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There are lots of great animal welfare sites out there and its encouraging how much is done by so many people worldwide. Yet neglect, abuse, and cruelty remain the lot of animals everywhere. Wealthy economies and emerging economies, none accord much space for animals other than to exploit them. There is no truer saying than that where you see the mark of human advance on the earth, what humans have built rests on the bones of animals.

Yet individual people universally eschew cruelty to animals and would respond to leadership aimed at ending exploitation if more advocates would step forward. In Canada, leadership is weak. In Ontario, it is effectively absent.

But at last leadership is emerging. First in France, then Quebec, and most recently in New Zealand, legislation now states that animals are self-aware and have feelings like ourselves. You and I have always known this, but until now the law world-wide has regarded animals as chattels, no different from a table or a chair.



This place hopes to contribute to the expansion of this new protection. The pictures I have found on-line and post here with thanks show the beautiful emotions of animals. Not surprisingly they mirror human feelings.

Reasonable Expectations

Like humans, animals want to live. They want veterinary care when they are sick, not death. They don't want to be euthanized because they are old or because they are inconvenient or no longer wanted in their homes.

They don't want to be caved up for Sunday supper and they are baby cows, not "veal". When they are lost they want to be returned to their homes. They don't want to be bought from pounds to be tortured to death in laboratories.

In short, animals deserve respect.