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There are lots of great animal welfare sites out there and its encouraging how much is done by so many people worldwide. Yet neglect, abuse, and cruelty remain the lot of animals everywhere. Wealthy economies and emerging economies, none accord much space for animals other than to exploit them. There is no truer saying than that where you see the mark of human advance on the earth, what humans have built rests on the bones of animals.

Yet individual people universally eschew cruelty to animals and would respond to leadership aimed at ending exploitation if more advocates would step forward. In Canada, leadership is weak. In Ontario, it is effectively absent.

But at last leadership is emerging. First in France, then Quebec, and most recently in New Zealand, legislation now states that animals are self-aware and have feelings like ourselves. You and I have always known this, but until now the law world-wide has regarded animals as chattels, no different from a table or a chair.



Letter to THS Members (May 28th 2016)

Tim Trow & Bob Hambley
660 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 119-258
Toronto, Ontario M4G 2K2
May, 2016

Dear Member,

You've heard how the THS has lost its way. Will it survive if one program after another is shut down? Do those now in charge want it to survive?

In spite of the serious problems that we and others have uncovered and reported to you, we remain optimistic for the future of the THS.

The people of Toronto supported us when we built the shelter. They did it again when we built the Cat Sky House. They’re doing it now; bequests provide the bulk of the THS operating income.

Increasingly, friends and neighbours are more concerned about animal welfare. They’ve looked to the THS for leadership before. And we believe that the THS can show leadership again!

As directors, we will work with others to reverse the slow motion closure.
  • The THS will be open 24 hours a day every day!
  • Members and volunteers will be welcomed back!
  • Our Animal Rescue vans will be on our streets again!
  • Above all, we will help all animals once more!

We have the vision and the experience to represent you and to help accomplish these goals. We need your support to do it. That’s why we’re asking for your vote.

Best regards,

Bob Hambley, Past President
Tim Trow, Past President

A Letter to THS Members (May 23rd 2016)

Tim Trow & Bob Hambley
660 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 119-258
Toronto, Ontario M4G 2K2
May, 2016

Dear Member,

Since our recent letter to you we have heard how you and others are disturbed by what we have uncovered. How could this slow-motion closure happen? When we wrote to you, we should also have told you about the closure of the kitten nursery and the dismissal of the volunteers who cared for the kittens.

Just think:
  • Hours cut back
  • Wildlife centre closed
  • North York Adoption Centre closed
  • Animal Rescue Team disbanded
  • Surrendered animals no longer accepted

Recently you heard from the THS CEO denying that there were any plans to close the shelter. The Board’s minutes, posted on the THS website, contradict him:
“… staff will conduct a needs analysis and “wish list”, which will allow us to more effectively assess any offers against our requirements.”

This carefully drafted statement confirms that selling the shelter is on the agenda.

THS communications tell us how they’re bringing in animals from other communities in Ontario, and even from Texas. They don’t tell us that animals are shipped to Toronto Animal Services, killed unnecessarily, turned away, or even dumped in farmers’ fields. We told you how some courageous volunteers exposed this heartless practice and reported it on a YouTube video. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do so at:

Why would responsible Board members allow, let alone promote, this slow-motion closure. We can only assume that they want a boutique operation run by professional managers, with most functions either contracted out or just abandoned in the hope that someone else will take them on.

Our Vision

We reject this defeatist policy.

We believe in the century old mission of the THS “We Help All Animals”. We’re writing to you because we think that you do too.

We believe in a Toronto Humane Society that returns to its core mission. Working with members, volunteers, and staff, the THS can become a centre of caring once again.

We are both former Presidents of the THS. Bob is a chartered accountant. Tim is a retired lawyer. We know how it can be done. We want to help a new Board achieve these vital goals.

But we can only do it with your support. We ask for your vote. But that’s just the beginning!

Vote for change.

Reject proposed By-law amendments which restrict the ability of the Board to do its job and abolish the Volunteers Committee.

Talk to you friends, and encourage them to do the same. And even if you have already voted, you can still revoke your earlier proxy by signing and dating the enclosed proxy.

Thank you for your support of the THS.

Best regards,

Bob Hambley, Past President
Tim Trow, Past President

PS: It’s time for a change! Let’s make sure the THS helps all animals once again.

A Letter to THS Members (May 3rd 2016)

Tim Trow & Bob Hambley
660 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 119-258
Toronto, Ontario M4G 2K2
May, 2016

Dear Member,

Please mark the date! Tuesday, June 7 is The Toronto Humane Society’s Annual General Meeting. It could be the most critical meeting in THS history! Don’t let it be the last! Over the past few years the Board has conducted a slow-motion closure of the THS.

This is the Board’s record:
  • North York Adoption Centre – CLOSED!
    Over a thousand animals were adopted each year from that centre. Not everyone comes downtown. So how many hundreds of cats and dogs don’t get loving homes each year because of that one decision?
  • Lost and Found Department – CLOSED!
    The THS re-united thousands of lost pets with their homes over the years. Now, lost animals who have strayed from the safety of their homes and taken to the THS, are then sent to Toronto Animal Services.
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre – CLOSED!
    The THS used to care for all animals. Not now! The THS was famous for this program. Now they’ve condemned hundreds of injured wildlife to suffer needlessly or die.
  • Toronto Humane Society Rescue Team – DISBANDED!
    The people of Toronto used to see our trucks and uniformed officers patrolling the City. They would call us about animals in distress and we would respond. Not now!
  • Cats in Shelter – ABANDONED!
    Recently concerned members and volunteers picketed the THS objecting to the treatment of cats, consigned to the Barn Home Relocation program begun in 2010. It was supposed to place feral cats in farmers’ barns. The volunteers report that many were in fact house cats who’d never been outdoors.
    See Mike Smith's video exposing this program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wvkr56JAyA
  • Toronto Humane Society Hours – CUT BACK!
    There was always a steady stream of visitors at all times. The THS is no longer open 24 hours a day 52 weeks per year. How many animals no longer get treatment when they need it?
  • Dog Pens and Cat Cages – SCRAPPED!
    Adoptions are now less than half what they were a decade ago, from 7,100 to 2,800. So, most of the kennels have been sent to the scrapyard or piled up in the basement.
  • No Animals for Research – LET’S STOP IT NOW!
    Animals are shipped to Toronto Animals Services which is legally required to provide animals for research. In addition, for $15,000, the THS is working with Americans to involve our shelter cats in research.
  • Closing the Shelter – THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT IT!
    Several Board members, appalled by this, told us about it on a confidential basis. Torontonians didn’t donate millions of dollars to build this state-of-the-art facility, designed by noted architect John Parkin, to see it turned into another condominium development.
    You may find this hard to believe. So here’s what we suggest.
    Phone Bronwen Morgan, President of the THS. Ask her to come clean about any plan to sell the THS. Ask her if they have considered any offers. Ask her about the other parts of the slow-motion closure we’ve reported to you. You can reach her at the THS at 416-392-2273.

What can we do to stop this slow-motion closure? We’ve heard from others who know we have to act before it’s too late!

We need to fight this battle together!
We need your advice!
We need your support! That’s why we are running for the THS Board on June 7!
We need your vote!

Together, we can put the THS back on the right track as a lasting refuge for all animals!

Best regards,

Bob Hambley, Past President
Tim Trow, Past President

PS: Call or email us with your suggestions to put the THS back on the right track. And plan to come to the AGM. If you’re unable to come, please vote by proxy.

This place hopes to contribute to the expansion of this new protection. The pictures I have found on-line and post here with thanks show the beautiful emotions of animals. Not surprisingly they mirror human feelings.

Reasonable Expectations

Like humans, animals want to live. They want veterinary care when they are sick, not death. They don't want to be euthanized because they are old or because they are inconvenient or no longer wanted in their homes.

They don't want to be caved up for Sunday supper and they are baby cows, not "veal". When they are lost they want to be returned to their homes. They don't want to be bought from pounds to be tortured to death in laboratories.

In short, animals deserve respect.